10 Year Anniversary Celebrations

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You can NOW purchase tickets for our Evening celebrations...

August this year marks the 10th anniversary of Daisy Inclusive UK and to celebrate it we are holding an all day event on Saturday 16th August 12pm till late.
The day will consist of a fun day from 12 till 5pm then we will be having an eveing of entertainment, food, raffles and auction from 6pm till late.

The event is due to take place at
The River Side Police Club
Riversdale Road
L19 3QN

Here is a piece from Dave explaining about the past decade of Daisy Inclusive UK.
Dave smiling wearing his Dais UK polo shirt
In the blink of an eye, 10 years have passed; well they say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. There is no doubt about it I have enjoyed every moment of these past 10 years. There has also been a lot of sweat, motivation, determination, inspiration and one or two tears throughout this journey.

My dream all those years ago of Disability Awareness Introducing Sport to Youngsters (DAISY) was the easy bit turning this dream into a reality was the hard bit. I was a blind scouser who had lost everything, no money, no education, no job, no wife and no hope. Fortunately, I was a blind man who had a vision. That vision was to conquer adversity and remove the cataracts that made society short sighted surrounding issues of disabled people and their families.
10 years on, I look back with pride I’m so very proud of the Daisy staff and volunteers for all their hard work and dedication. For the organisations that have supported Daisy and most of all I am proud of all the people that have been part of Daisy’s vision from young to old, disabled to none disabled, no boundaries, no barriers, no can’t do attitude, we have helped thousands of people over the past 10 years in many different ways, helping them come to terms with their disabilities, helping them to understand other people’s disabilities, helping them through Sport, Education and Employment (SEE) and helping them reach their true potential.

Throughout the years, we have used the ethos ‘Make them Laugh and they Listen, make them Listen and they Learn.’ I can guarantee you that everyone that has been part of Daisy has laughed, listened and learnt. We have seven inclusive clubs around the city. Two main hubs, Brockman Hall, Tuebrook and the Zap Centre, Everton, we have an accessible allotment at Doric Park delivering Daisy ‘roots and shoots’. We deliver much needed Visual and Disability Awareness Training. Daisy is a third party reporting agency with Merseyside Police for Disability Hate Crime with one of the first designated Hate Crime Officer being put in place.

I feel at Daisy our initiative and think outside the box. ‘If they don’t learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn’, creating projects such as the Blue Light Inclusive Games, Merseyside Inclusive Sports Tournament (MIST), the Volunteer Inclusion Project (VIP) plus many, many more!!
We have won many awards over the past 10 years and we have made so many new friends. Even mixing with the celebrities due to our appearances on TV and radio, once again too many to mention but thank you to all. May the next 10 years be as inspirational as the previous decade; let’s hope it goes a bit more slower so I get even more time to enjoy it!!!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart
Dave Kelly
Founder of Daisy Inclusive UK

'Daisy Inclusive UK are the Can do Charity that Does'

See posters for the day below...

10th Anniversary Daytime flyer

10th Anniversary eveing flyer

You can NOW purchase tickets for our Evening celebrations...

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