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I hope you have had a wonderful summer in spite of our British weather. I was fortunate enough to watch my nephew at the London Olympics, which was an absolute wonderful experience.

I am pleased to say that the Paralympics are carrying on where the Olympics left off; the Paralympics will give us a great opportunity to highlight and indeed showcase what disabled people can do with the right help and support. Imagine what we could do if we use the same sporting empathy and ethos into education and employment focusing on the untapped potential of disabled people, instead of being what many people may perceive as disabled people being a drain on resources. Together we can turn it on its head in the realisation that disabled people can be a great asset to the economy.

Maybe the first step of achieving this is to give some awareness training at the top so that the knowledge gained can filter down into our social, educational and economic communities.

Please remember small changes at the top can deliver big changes at the bottom.
I thank you for your all for your help and support

Dave Kelly
Managing Director
Daisy UK

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