A message from New Zealand…

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"Hi Dave,
My name is Peter and I live in Auckland, New Zealand, I'm 12 yrs old and I have just watched, Secret Millionaire on TV with my mum.

We just wanted to say you are an amazing man and what you do for children with disabilities is amazing.
My family are from Liverpool and also on my mums side have the family name of Kelly and both my mum grandparents were blind so your story made my mum cry.
We are hoping to visit family in England next year so when I come to Liverpool I would like to visit Daisy UK if that is ok with you?

A boy in my class has to use hearing aids and watching your TV programme has made me think about how I can help him more in class.

Keep up the good work Dave. and you deserve heaps more money to run your charity."


From Auckland New Zealand

To see our appearance on 'The Secret Millionaire' please follow this Link to go to our video gallery.

or watch part 1 of 'The Secret Millionaire' below.

Thank you from Daisy Inclusive UK for your message.

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