ATOS Proven unfit to work?

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ATOS Proven to be a ATOS atrocity...

Over the past few months stories have been coming out about; long waits for assessment, unfair assessments, unfair reports, claimants left without benefits and no means to look after themselves, plus many other blunders made by the company appointed to make Britain's benefit system work.
However ATOS have turned this system into a total shambles, in some cases unfit for purpose and even in certain circumstances the system just doesn't work, doing exactly the opposite to what they were appointed to do.

ATOS claim they have been trying to encourage an early exit to the contract, could this be they are infact under pressure to deliver the strategic aims and objectives set by the coalition government?

Read more about this story on the BBC Web site click here.

The struggle isn't over just yet

With the UK government clarifying today, that ATSO's contract will be cut short, their is still no clear sign as to when the contract will end, so ATOS will continue to carry out medical assessments and fit to work assessments on benefit claimants for the foreseeable future.

All the government have revealed is that the contract will end before 2015.

Out with the old and in with the new

So with the announcement of ATOS's contract coming to an early yet abrupt end, it leaves gaps for other companies to fill. The long term goal of the government is to have many regional providers, involved in assessment and reporting of benefit claims.

So this leaves the question... would you rather go to a big conglomerate organisation such as the National Health Services, or would you rather go to your local (corner shop) organisation such as Daisy Inclusive UK, where we will get to know an individual, learn what they can and can not do, from who they are, not from what a textbook would tell us to.

This leaves an open debate as to what the future will hold.

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