Charity Meal & Networking Event

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On Friday 21st March Dave Kelly attended a charity mea and networking event at the Olive Liverpool assisted by one of our members of staff Laura.

Daves thoughts and opinion of the event
"...This afternoons networking event (21st March) was great. We met so many interesting people, the dresses and make up from various outlets were beautiful and a few link ups are now in place. We have several interesting people booked in to visit and work with Daisy, including Carole Claire from Radio City's cash for kids organisation. As usual the food and service at the Olive was exceptional, with the waiter even putting into practice his Daisy visual and disability awareness training. Well done to everyone involved."

Daisy Inclusive UK worked with the Olive in late 2013 providing disability awareness training for some of their staff. Also Daisy Inclusive UK were chosen to be the Olives Charity of the year in 2013 read more about this here.

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