COURSE: Disability Hate Crime & Point Of contact Training

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This course is due to be held on Friday 29th August @ our offices in Liverpool
Starting at 10:00am.
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Flyer - disability hate crime August 29th

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See below for one of our latest testimonials:

Dear Daisy UK,
I am a Police Constable from Merseyside Police. On 30th July 2014 I attended a Disability Awareness Course at Daisy UK in Liverpool.

The course was fantastic and truly an inspiration to me and I am sure to all who attended. The course was extremely well run and presented professionally and delivered in a manner appropriate for the course material. Both Dave and Ian worked together to deliver a day filled with serious topics but mixed with the right approach to discuss the topics at hand including Hate Crime and bullying. Both serious topics but with the right humour added to allow for an understanding into experiences Dave gave. This allowed me to gain a huge insight into what the charity does for its users but also what the charity inspires its users to do in a non-tangible manner such as victim support and just having knowledge a support group exists.

I was particularly impressed by the use of sport to engage disabled users and to allow 'reverse inclusion'. This demonstrated to me (as a Police officer) that there are support groups in place which can assist those with impairment but importantly, not just when someone becomes a victim of crime.
The course provided me with a short insight into the world of those with impairment and the problems they face, especially for young people. I was given the pleasure to listen to stories from people with impairment and hear first-hand how society treats them and what Daisy UK does for them, which is too much to list. This was an emotionally charged time on the course and one which allowed me to empathise with some of the stories due to having a younger brother with autism. I was unaware of Daisy UK and its services and will be pointing my brother in the direction of Daisy UK to make himself aware of what you’re all about.

Again, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity for attending the course and allow me insight into the world of those with impairment. It was a privilege to meet with Dave Kelly and I wish him and the charity all the best for the future.
Kind Regards
Police Constable

Course Date: 30/07/2014
Organisation: Merseyside Police

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