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Daisy Inclusive UK is a disability led charity that helps disabled people and their families reach their true potential by breaking down barriers society has put in place through the mediums of training, education, employment and inclusive projects.
Our ethos is to deliver quality and high standards in everything that we do. We make them “Laugh and they Listen; Make them Listen and they Learn”. For further details, please contact us on 0151 261 0309 or Contact Us.

Disability Business Confidence:

Throughout this training we will give your business a commercial advantage by helping you tap into a large and growing market of disabled customers and becoming a better employer and service provider, reducing the risk of litigation under the Equality Act (2010).

Daisy Disability Confidence Kite mark:

This kite mark is an on-going process and gives business and relevant organisations the opportunity to achieve a high standard of disability confidence through accessible environments and point of contact training. By achieving this kite mark, your company can feel confident that correct policies, procedures and legislation are in place and the organisation has a caring, compassionate, empathic and understanding working environment.

Accessible Environments:

Through this training, participants will gain an understanding of disability issues and positive opportunities for their business, through providing a more accessible environment. With the right reasonable adaptations and adjustments and with minimal cost to your business, you can tap into the fifty billion pounds available from the disabled sector.

Disability Hate Crime Training:

This unique bespoke half or full day disability hate crime training tackles issues head on, with a powerful presentation of the victims of hate crime. Topics of this course are: What is a disability hate crime; what to do after a hate crime has been committed and who to contact and to how respond to a disability hate crime. At Daisy UK, we help report and support from point of contact to resolution.

Further Training Opportunities:

Foundation Learning

This gives the opportunity for disabled and non-disabled people to work together in an education environment, contributing to an AQA volunteering management accreditation up to NVQ level 3. This training can be delivered over a twelve to thirty week period and is applicable to people who wish to be fully informed and functional in a volunteering environment, managing, helping, and supporting inclusive activities. The Foundation Learning is suitable for young people not in education, employment and training, aged sixteen to eighteen, where they can come along and build up their key personal and academic skills in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

Motivational and inspirational talks/speeches

Our disabled speakers can engage your audience in a passionate manner for several hours leaving them inspired and motivated.