Daisy Dinner in the Dark – Looking Back

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Blindfolds off

Our Daisy Dinner in the Dark was held on Friday the 30th August and was a huge success with, live entertainment throughout the night and even when things go 'hot' in the kitchen our front of house team held it all together.

The food was a treat and all participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Dave Kelly Managing Director of Daisy Inclusive UK had this to say.
"The 3D Daisy Dinner in the Dark was a huge success with extra tables having to be set up to cater for the demand and influx of culinary pioneers.

80 guests came along to experience what it is like to have a three course meal with all the fun and entertainment surrounding the event whilst blind folded.
Everybody who attended wore a blind fold and gained the empathy and insight into how blind people live their lives on a daily basis. All commented on a positive experience both culinary and the care from all the Daisy staff..." to continue reading and view the image gallery of the night please Click Here.

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