Daisy Inclusive UK Memorial Wall

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Daisy Inclusive UK are producing a memorial wall for 'The 96'
Along with other Merseyside charities we have been lucky enough to be given, scarf's from the Hillsborough memorial we have 150 that where used in the 96 formation at Anfield for the memorial.

Our goal is to incorporate the scarf's, into a Daisy Inclusive UK tribute along including collage paintings, pictures from the Beatles, a piece about Everton Football club and bring it all together around the values of Daisy Inclusive UK, what Liverpool stands for.

Did you know The Beatles performed several times at Brockman Hall? This is significant because Daisy Inclusive UK are based at the hall and all of our services and activities operate from the building. More information will be available soon about The Beatles and when they performed at Brockman Hall.

The work on the wall has begun today with the first coat of paint being added...
One of the Daisy UK team up a ladder painting a wall that will be used as the memorial giving it a coat of red paint.

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