Daisy UK special thanks & Congratulations!

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Daisy Inclusive UK would like to thank everyone who attended our Charity night on Friday 29th November. It was deemed as a huge success and we managed to raise £1,200 this has been a fantastic accomplishment for all the team at Daisy UK. All the hard work and effort that everybody gave to the event did not go unnoticed. Every person who attended the evening thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

But all this couldn’t of just happened all the Daisy UK staff and volunteers came together to help deliver a fantastic night.

Daisy Inclusive UK would like to thank

  • Karen Black: who compared the night and sang fabulously.
  • Allan Jones: For all of his efforts in the build-up and talent he showed off on the night.
  • Katie Mealey: Thank you for your jaw dropping performance, Katie sung marvellously leaving the audience captivated.
  • Roger Phillips of BBC Radio Merseyside: A huge thank you to Roger for his speech and awarding our Daisy UK June Low Inspiration Award
  • Awards

    Daisy Inclusive UK would like to say a huge congratulations to all our award winners.

    The recipient of our Volunteer of the year award went to Katie Mealey for her tireless efforts and always attending our clubs.

    The winner of the Staff member of the year was awarded to our very own Laura Sharp For all of her tremendous dedication and effort.

    The winner of the Daisy UK June Low inspiration award went to...
    Davey Wall
    Davey came to us two years ago when he was going through isolation and had no confidence, self-esteem and very little social interaction. Through our training and our inclusive clubs, we have helped him from isolation into inclusion what we call (I 2 I contact) were he has developed into a positive and fun, young person who’s confidence and self-esteem has grown immensely. He has now developed the key personal skills, knowledge and education and he is now a big part of our Daisy Inclusive UK clubs, projects and activities becoming a valuable member of the Daisy team.

    He also has developed his vocational dream as a stand-up comedian, and impersonator. Davey makes people laugh and they are inspired by his personality and motivation.

    Well done guys keep up the good work. 🙂

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