Dave Kelly – Point Of Diagnosis

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In light of the current reports from Blind Children UK about childhood sight loss Read story here

My name is Dave Kelly and I am the Managing Director of Daisy Inclusive UK, who are a disability led charity. We support blind and disabled young people and their families, helping them reach their true potential by breaking down the barriers that society may have put in place. I started the charity 20 years ago with an ethos of quality and high standards at all times with care, compassion and empathy flowing freely throughout the charity. I am glad to say all our hard work has been rewarded by winning many awards, helping thousands of disabled young people and their families over the years.

It is still apparent that even after 20 years that the point of diagnosis, help and support, is not satisfactory and indeed research suggests it is poor, highlighted through my own experience and that of hundreds of blind and disabled young people and their families. We at Daisy Inclusive UK would like to offer our services and be the catalyst to speed up the process of acceptance, understanding and create a positive pathway for recently diagnosed blind, partially sighted, and disabled people to reach their true potential. We can achieve this through early intervention and utilising our positive role models to create a conduit of support, advice and guidance including individual and family counselling.

We at Daisy Inclusive UK can also offer point of contact training for NHS staff from consultants to receptionists. This training will give key strategic staff the confidence to interact, communicate and support disabled patients thus creating a more accessible and friendly environment in which disabled people and their families will gain a positive experience.

If you wish to learn more of how Daisy UK can help you please contact us as soon as possible, remember we are a ‘can do charity that does’.

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