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Pardon the pun, but have you ever 'heard' of the deaflympics?

Excitement builds as the Deaflympic Games takes force!

An opening ceremony last Friday witnessed the start of the 22nd Deaflympics, taking place in Bulgaria. With more than 4, 600 athletes participating and 18 events scheduled, the Games are sure to be a powerful and influential event that is filled with energy. The first Deaflympic Games took place in 1924, since then all involved have enjoyed a fruitful success.

A common question that surrounds this event asks why a different Games exists for Deaf people. An answer that has been given by many Deaf people centres on communication. For instance, issues may arise if another athlete cannot communicate using sign language.

Considering the above point, the need to embrace and promote diversity within all Games can be discussed. Daisy UK would like to know your opinion on the Deaflympics – do you believe that there should be just one Olympics that is inclusive of all athletes and is designed so that communication for everyone is supported? Or, do you think that it is positive to have different versions of the Olympics that reflect the rich cultures and successes of athletes? Contribute your opinion to the debate!

Good luck to all that are participating in the Deaflymics!

Source: Rose, D. 31st July 2013. BBC News, Ouch (Online)

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