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Dear Daisy

Let Daisy help you with you if you need advice.

Daisy UK aims to provide advice and support wherever its needed. If you have a question or a query which you think we can help us with feel free to contact us via here.

Help in sussex

Dear Daisy

Just checking out your daisy website. I have a daughter who would love to take part in daisyuk. But we live in Sussex is there anything close by?

Or what would you advise for us to do?!



Thank you for your E-Mail unfortunately Daisy UK are based in the northwest at the moment the Daisy Chain will reach southern England in the next few years, Unfortunately I do not know your daughters age or disability therefore it makes it difficult to pin point any relevant help support for her. If you could send me more information I shall do my best to help yourself and your daughter in any way I can, hopefully finding relevant and suitable out of school activities that she will enjoy flourish and reach her true potential. Look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Kelly

Activities to help a child develop new friendships

Dear Daisy

Many thanks for getting back to me. My daughter is 12 years old and has left side hemiplegia combined with a profound hearing loss. She is a very active girl who enjoys sports within her abilities. At the moment she attends Karate class once a week and has been doing horse riding for about a year which has been helping to gain more strength in her left side.
The problem is that she struggles to mix socially and doesn't have any friends to speak off. So it would be great to find something she can do to help her mix better and find friends she can feel comfortable with.

Any help that you could give would be very much appreciating.

Many thanks,


I hope you are both well its sounds like your daughter is doing quite a lot already with her karate and horse riding.

I feel it is important for her to thrive and reach her true potential, she needs to do some activities where she will be allowed to have fun make friends and do what all 12 years old do. Are there any other activities she could get involved with in your area not just sports but maybe music dance arts crafts girl guides etc, also could her school help and support her with getting involved in out of school activities? With your daughter having hemiplegia combined with a profound hearing loss. It is important that whatever club or activity that she takes part in teachers or coaches needs to have empathy and understanding of her conditions, for her to be able to join in the activities good communication is imperative, when done correctly she will be able to join in have fun and make lots of new friend. Your problem at the moment is finding such activities I suggest you make contact with relevant organisations maybe such as scope your local deaf centre ask other parents who may be experiencing similar problems that you and your daughter are currently going through and see what help and advice they can offer you. If all else fails may be you could start off your own inclusive sports and activity club, I will give any help and advice on how to do this I only wish we could do more to help you and your daughter please contact me at any time and I wish you both the best of luck in the future.


People who seem to be working against helping those in need.

I often find when approaching groups for help that a lot of the people involved are self interested and unwilling to provide support. How can so many people who seem not to care about disability be involved?

Would you please allow me to say a few words regarding issues that may affect us all as we try our best to help, support and mentor the more vulnerable members of our community. At Daisy Inclusive UK we aspire to have fit and proper people who may have the knowledge and education but more importantly; have the care, compassion and empathy we need to help and support the more vulnerable in our community.
All organisations need to take a good look at themselves and be satisfied that they are endorsing relevant and reasonable practices and approaches to ensure a fair and emphatic organisation whose key aims should be to stamp out any misunderstanding of individual attitudes towards others. For example, an individual may have the education and knowledge but do they have the care, compassion and empathy and how as an organisation do you know if an individual has the care, compassion and empathy?
I suggest deep down we know that those who have do, those who haven’t, don’t.
Kind Regards,
Dave Kelly
Managing Director

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