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Does Daisy UK only offer its services to young people?
Daisy UK offers its services to all people in society, from the young and the elderly to the disabled and non disabled.
Are all Daisy UK coaches and staff CRB checked?
Yes, this is a main priority to become a Daisy UK coach or staff member and this is regularly updated along with child protection and health and safety.
What makes Daisy UK different from other people doing disability awareness?
Daisy UK services are delivered to high quality standards and courses are delivered via a unique concept “Make them laugh and they’ll listen, make them listen and they’ll learn”. Through sport, education and employment and by using the idea of reverse inclusion, we aim to break down the barriers of lack of understanding, stereotypes and help disabled people reach their true potential. Daisy UK also focuses on the needs of parents, carers, siblings and friends of disabled people for a truly inclusive society.
Where does Daisy UK deliver the sessions?
Daisy UK can deliver sessions at the best possible venue that is convenient, suitable and safe to its service users. The service user can select a suitable venue or they can leave it to Daisy UK at an additional cost to book it for them.
Does Daisy UK deliver sessions all over the UK?
Daisy UK is based in Merseyside but will travel around the UK to deliver its services. For long distance, a block booking is advisable to reduce transportation costs.
Are Daisy UK sessions free?
Unfortunately, due to the cost of providing training courses and support, we have to charge for our services. We constantly monitor and research our prices and are confident of their value for money. A pricelist for all sessions and courses is available on request.
What sports can Daisy UK deliver?
Daisy UK can deliver any sport from grass roots to elite level.
We offer sports such as football (blind and partially sighted), inclusive cricket and wheelchair based sports (basketball, rugby etc). Inclusive goal-ball (Paralympic sport), Inclusive new age curling, boccia, athletics (running, throwing, jumping events) plus many more.
What can Daisy UK offer schools, colleges and universities?
Daisy UK can offer courses for teachers and students from both mainstream and special education. They can be delivered as part of the school curriculum. Our courses can be geared to help fulfil units in coaching and sports development honours degrees. Daisy UK also delivers inclusive sports participation to help with the awareness and needs of students who may have a disability. We also offer motivational and inspirational talks to students.
Can Daisy UK help disabled people into the work place?
Daisy UK offers a transition course from education to employment. This is to help disabled people build up the correct personal tools, life skills and knowledge they require to reach their true potential in life.
Can Daisy UK offer help to employers?
Daisy UK can offer employers courses that will show the benefits of employing staff who may have a disability, realising the untapped potential of disabled employees.
Can Daisy UK help parents, carers and guardians of disabled young people?
‘Time For You’ was established by Daisy UK as we felt it was imperative that parents, carers and guardians of disabled young people were supported and acknowledged in the tremendous work they do, caring for disabled young people. Projects such as ‘Time For You’ are geared to give the parents, carers and guardians respite whilst the young disabled people, siblings and friends are cared for through sport, leisure and cultural activities.
Does Daisy UK offer corporate training?
Yes, we offer training in disability equality, legislation and motivational team building. We also offer consultancy on access audits and building access statements.
What other projects are Daisy UK involved with?
Daisy UK is involved in numerous projects including Merseyside Inclusive Sports Tournament (M.I.S.T. Games). This is for both disabled and non disabled young people to take part in a fun, competitive and level playing field sports event, where young people can take part and empathise with the needs and skills of other disabilities.
Chillax is another important project that Daisy UK delivers during school breaks. It is at this time when young disabled people feel isolated with little to do, due to lack of confidence and self esteem and opportunities to socialise. The Chillax gives them an opportunity to join in new and exciting activities, from exclusive sports, arts and crafts to music and dance plus much more.
Other projects include Time for You, Disability Hate Crime Third Party Reporting, Duke of Edinburgh and many more.
Who are Daisy UK’s partners?
Daisy UK has forged many partnerships, including with Merseyside Fire and Rescue, Merseyside Police, Liverpool Integrated Youth and Play Service, Aiming Higher, MOWLL, Fusion, Homotopia, The Anthony Walker Foundation, Education Authorities throughout the North West and many more.
What is the Disability Hate Crime helpline?
In conjunction with Merseyside Police, Daisy UK are a third party reporting body for the help and support of disabled people who have been targeted in hate crime offences. We offer support and counselling, sign posting to advice and can act as advocates for disabled people with social landlords and local authority services.
Is Daisy UK a charity?
Recently Daisy UK has become a charity. Our registered name and address is:
Daisy Inclusive UK
Daisy Nucleus Academy,
2 Barnes Street,
L6 5LB
Telephone: 0151 261 0309
Email: info@daisyuk.com
How can I help Daisy UK?
There are several ways that you can help Daisy UK including donations, legacies, fundraising, sponsorship and new to Daisy UK, payroll giving. This can be from as little as a pound per month per employee! Of course, Daisy UK would appreciate any help and support.
What is the Daisy Chain?
Daisy UK has created a Daisy Chain. Each link in the Daisy Chain consists of individual projects and groups intended to help young disabled people reach their true potential and you can be a part of it all.
Is Daisy UK insured?
Yes, Daisy UK has a combined liability insurance.