Forks, Knives, table spoons…. and blindfolds at the ready

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Not your conventional set up for your evening meal.
However Daisy Inclusive UK do a good job of throwing conventional out of the window, TONIGHT guests will sit down to live entertainment, drinks and a three course meal... with a blind fold.

The concept behind this meal is to give people, if only for an evening a chance to experience being blind whilst eating. This truly is an experience that will help peoples perspectives and understanding of a blind persons life.

This event is also set to kick start our 10 year celebrations which will conclude in August with a big birthday celebration, more information on this event is to follow.

This is what our Managing Director Dave Kelly had to say about the event...
"If you know me, know what I have been through; going blind and then starting up Daisy UK and if you really want to support my vision of helping the more vulnerable among us; try a bit of empathy , feel what it is like to be me for an evening. come along to our 3D Daisy dinner in the dark at the Olive Tuesday 24th of June 6.30 pm, experience eating a delicious 3 course meal plus fantastic entertainment whilst wearing a blindfold; see how long you can keep it on for? then be grateful you can remove your blindfold; this is called empathy and when you have this, you can then begin to help others. So come on, join me for a meal at the Olive! It is also going to be loads of fun."

We are also set to have an auction featuring a first team signed Liverpool Football Club home shirt from the 13/14 season campaign.

a picture of one of our volunteers holding two liverpool shirts.

All funds will help support Daisy Inclusive UK and all of our young people.

Why not read the Liverpool Echo Article about the meal here.

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