Guide Dogs Came to town…

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With only days to go to Christmas, some of our groups received early gifts in the form of Guide Dogs.
What’s got four legs and a wagging tail? No it’s not a happy table it’s the day Guide Dogs visited Daisy. Big thank you to Samantha, Penny and Nina from Guide Dogs who brought the wonderful dogs Faith a retired Guide Dog and Betsy a Guide Dog in training. The Daisy crew where amazed as they learnt all about how Guide Dogs are trained and the ins and outs of how to look after a Guide Dog. Including how to brush and groom dogs. In fact they all received as special certificate, stickers and toys whilst having the time of their lives with the dogs. These two wonderful dogs we call man’s best friends and don’t forget women’s too. Once again big thank you to Guide Dogs Faith and Betsy.
Please See the Video below...

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