How was the circus?

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The short right up below, tells you how some of our young people enjoyed our circus trip courtesy of Circus Starr

Trip to the Circus
Karen and Mel:

On the 23rd of September Daisy Inclusive UK had the privilege of visiting and going to watch Circus Starr in Warrington. We met with the performance acts at the circus and were able to ask questions about their background, what they do at the circus and they then also gave us the chance to get involved in the action. This meaning we were able to get chance to juggle, ride on the clowns bike, climb up the pole to see how far up we could get, the limbo and we also got the chance of meeting the clowns dog. This was such a great opportunity before watching the show, as we were able to understand the training and skills that go into this hard working circus show. This experience was even a chance for one of our volunteers to get over their fear of clowns after meeting nicolino in person.

Performances included the trapeze, fire dancing, balancing acts, magical illusions, nicolino the clown and many more. It was great seeing and hearing the audience’s participation from roars of clapping and laughter. The music put into the performance was able to tell a story of what was going on and fit in perfectly with the show. Costumes were fantastic and colourful and were lovely to look at.
Daisy Inclusive are very happy with their trip to the circus and would recommend Circus Starr as a show to go and watch.

Karen Seasman; ‘As a visually impaired young person I felt inclusive in this experience and everything at the circus was communicated to me extremely well. I got a feel for everything going on around me due to previous introduction and meeting the performers and getting an understanding of what they will be doing in the show’
Mel Griffiths; ‘I enjoyed my first trip to the circus and I loved meeting the performers. I was happy of overcoming my fear of clowns after meeting Nicolino. I was very excited about watching the show and being able to see the amazing talents of the performers. The circus was also relaxing and I felt very comfortable.’

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