Amir Khan

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It’s a Knock Out: Amir Khan Visits Daisy UK as part of Sports Relief

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather, Amir Khan and his wonderful brother Harry came to visit Daisy UK. I’ve never met two such wonderful lads, after our initial introduction the bout began, Amir Khan VS. Dave the ‘Artist’ Kelly. Why the artist? Because I am always on the canvas

Left To Right: Office Manager Eva, Dave Kelly and Amir Khan standing in front of the Daisy UK group

Ding Ding… Round 1

We touched gloves and were dancing around the centre of the ring, I jabbed him with a joke then I swung a right funny story; he didn’t flinch then I hit him with my Frank Bruno story, it was probably a bit below the belt 🙂 and after a warning from the referee we carried on.

Frank bruno, with dave kelly MD Of daisy uk and Eva Eelen

We showed Amir and Harry our Daisy Promo which is a DVD of our TV Appearances including Secret Millionaire, Sports Relief, The One Show and many more.

The DVD is quite emotional and shows the great work we have done with young disabled people and their families over the years. I think the towel was thrown in by Amir’s corner but that might have just been to wipe a tear from his eye.

Ding Ding round 2

We showed Amir and Harry the skills and grace of blind football; they were up for it and both wore blindfolds and they soon realised the importance of good communication, trust and empathy.

Using techniques such as control, dribble and pass they soon got the hang of it but I think the referee gave Amir a standing count of eight.

Picture of Amir Khan wearing a blind fold and controlling a ball

Ding Ding… Round 3

This is where Amir and Harry came into their own, we were now in their domain.

Amir put everyone into pairs; he had us jabbing with the left, hooking with the right, hooking with the left and uppercut to the chin. I was sparring with Amir, Harry had given me some vital tips; jab, jab, hook, keep your guard up, straight right to the head, beads of sweat were dripping down my forehead. Amir was like a cobra he could strike at any time, Harry was about to send in a right…

Ding Ding! Saved by the bell.

Left to Right: Amir with his hands up and dave kelly jabbing Amir's hand.

Ding Ding… Round 4

What a lucky blind man I am, getting boxing advice from a world champion and sparring with a champion in the making. This was over-whelming, my knees buckled, I was on the ropes.

The buzz of everyone getting involved listening to Amir taking in his every word. Watching Harry with his quick hands and even faster feet. This gave me my second wind which was lucky as my first wind was more like a gentle breeze.

One of our Young People jabbing the hand of a member of staff.This image shows the group in partners jabbing and blocking

Ding Ding… Round 5

When it comes to a true professional a world’s number one, indeed a champion; Amir Khan is a world beater. He came, he saw, he conquered. He came to Daisy, he saw the work we do and he conquered our hearts.

Left to Right Harry, Dave and Amir posing together

Amir is such a good sport;, he agreed to a rematch and invited Daisy along to his boxing gym In Bolton. The contracts have been signed and it can be seen live on SKY; the rematch between Dave Kelly blind man with a vision, and the undisputed world’s number one nicest bloke Amir Khan and in his corner Harry.

Amir standing with on of our young people talking to each other.Amir is standing with a group of Volunteers and young people talking to them all

A great big thanks to Amir Khan, his brother Harry, their team and Sports Relief who came along to Daisy Inclusive UK and put smiles on the faces of everyone who met them.

Dave Kelly
Managing Director
Daisy Inclusive UK

This is a picture of the whole group with Amir and Harry

Daisy Inclusive UK are Proudly supported by Sport Relief

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