Merseyside Inclusive Sports Tournament

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International Inclusion...

Daisy Inclusive UK had some wonderful visitors to our mini MIST sports event last night. They were 20 delegates who are professors and lectures from Germany brought to us with the help and support of Mark Sutcliffe representing St. Vincent’s School for the Blind.
They were here to see how Daisy Inclusive UK delivers fully inclusive sports through reverse inclusion. This means bringing disabled and none disabled young people together in a disability led and fully accessible ethos, accessible environment, highly trained staff and volunteers. The correct adapted equipment and more important doing this with care, compassion and empathy wrapped up in a blanket of integrity.

Well our guests certainly seen this in abundance as they themselves participated in wheelchair relay racing, goal ball, indoor new age curling, tug of war culminating in the dreaded blind folded penalty shoot-out. I will give you one guess who won that?...

The young people from Daisy clubs and volunteers were fantastic with 80% of them having a disability be it physical, sensory, ASD or hidden. All taking part with a big smile and lots of energy! 🙂
Our German guests were amazed by the warm and generous hospitality and of the positive affect of reverse inclusion. The games were finished off with a medal and trophy presentation performed by Dr Anton Geiser and a wonderful song performed by the beautiful Eliza Bulayima.

Managing Directors Thoughts
could I say a great big thank you to all Daisy Inclusive staff and volunteers; your hard work and dedication makes me feel so proud, your care, compassion and empathy warms my heart. I want to thank each and everyone of you for helping me with my vision for Daisy.Loads of love to you all, Dave.

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