National Volunteer Week

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As national volunteer week draws to a close, we wanted to show off more of our volunteers 🙂 Over the next few days we will be highlighting more of our volunteers and what they do.

Davey learning the recovery position with one of our sports leaders
Meet Davey,
Davey is a wonderful, young, kind hearted individual who has time to spare for anyone.
Davey has been volunteering with us for over a year, after coming to us to participate in clubs and activities. At his time here at Daisy Inclusive UK Davey has flourished into a bright, confidant and talented person, who is always eager to do a bit of stand up comedy.

Listen to our first ever Volunteer Podcast featuring Davey Wall talking to our Technology Officer about why he volunteers for Daisy Inclusive UK.

Download The Volunteer Podcast:
Volunteer Podcast Edition 1 Davey

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