Next Stop Daisy UK:

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Daisy Inclusive UK have taken a huge step to help raise awareness of our charity and what we do.
As of the 2nd December for a 14 day period, Daisy Inclusive UK will be advertised on bus stops around the city of Liverpool. Why not keep your eyes open for us?

“Daisy Inclusive UK’s transitional social model philosophy is to work pro-actively towards offering an anti-oppressive environment, addressing isolation and creating real equality of opportunity ethos through support and which positively celebrates the diversity of the people and strives for the fundamental right to an accessible environment and inclusive community for all”

We are a can do Charity that does.

See below for a look at our bus stop advertisement.

We are a can do chairty that does. Daisy Inlusive UK logo to top left followed by I 2 I Contact logo on the top right. Then below is an image of the Daisy Chain the daisy chanin in labled 1 to 9 with various steps along the way descriping the proccess from isolation too inclusion.

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