Parent & Carer Disability and Visual Awareness Training

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On January 17th Daisy Inclusive UK Will be holding a parents' and carer training session on disability and visual awareness.

What would the aims and objectives be for a parent or carer to attend?

Aims and objectives:

  • How with the right help and adaptations disabled people can be included - e.g. Communication, terminology and practical guiding
  • To gain key personal skills, empathy, confidence, self-esteem, motivation and team cohesion.
  • To have greater spatial awareness and awareness of your body and mind.
  • To give parents/ carers a greater awareness of what is available to help disabled people to access services - e.g. adapted equipment, access to work and accessibility.
  • To understand the ethos of reverse inclusion and the models of disability
  • When will this session be held?
    On Friday 17th January 2014 @ 10:00am till 12:30pm

    Where will the session be held?
    The session will be held at our Daisy Inclusive UK offices Click Here to find us

    To book your place telephone 0151 220 2319 or email:

    Training 17th Jan 2014

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