Staff & Volunteer Policies Declaration

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As a Daisy Inclusive UK - Volunteer or Staff member you must be aware of and comply with our
'Code of Conduct & Safeguarding Policy'

You can download and view these policies below.
To proceed with your application you MUST clarify that you have read and you agree to all of the information and guidelines within these policies,
If you do not agree or comply with the aforementioned policies your application can NOT be processed any further.

1. View the PDF below using a PDF viewer. If you do not have one on your device you can find out more information from here.
2 Once you have read the document you are required to confirm your acknowledgement by providing your full name, an operational email address, an electronic verification of acknowledgment by ticking the appropriate box and providing the date of agreement.


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Please tick the box below to confirm you agree and that you will comply with Daisy Inclusive UK's Code of Conduct & Safeguarding policies.

Please specify the date of your agreement

If you require any further information about this please contact a member of our management team.
This agreement will be used to support relevant processes of your application.