Disability Hate Crime Training Course

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Disability Hate Crime training

Daisy Uk has a brand new initiative in partnership with merseyside police to tackle the issues surrounding disability hate crime. We have devised a unique series of disability hate crime training that will be of huge benefit to police, housing trusts, and other relevant organisations that wish to make inroads into the needs of disabled people who may be victims of hate crime. Issues such as being frightened, resentment, bullying, hostility, abuse, and hate are all major problems that affect the lives of many disabled people from school age to adolescence through to later life.

Our training aims to tackle these issues head on giving participants an insight into the needs of the disabled at point of contact. Units of this training will be terminology, communication, what is disability, models of disability, and definition of disability hate crime. The course involves a mix of group work and a number of practical exercises that turn the theory into practice. We then follow onto hate crime itself with a powerful presentation on the victims of hate crime as well as a look at how things would be if the roles were reversed and ways of bringing people together through reverse inclusion. This accredited training culminates in a well-earned certificate. Refreshments are also provided for full day courses and unique hate crime information packs are provided.


Our latest disability hate crime training was held in Tuebrook, Liverpool. The participants were officers from sigma and officers from north and south Liverpool police forces. The training was a great success with fantastic feedback from attendees. With all who attended leaving with a greater knowledge and understanding of disability and disability hate crime plus a greater insight into the wisdom of what to do with this newly acquired knowledge.


"Excellent all round presentation which had a mixture of seriousness and fun. A great learning experience."

"An excellent informative day which gave me a greater understanding. The staff were excellent and helpful with advice during the day and during the practical exercise"

"The course was great in helping with awareness of disabilities. Dave was excellent and the course would not be the same without his deliverance. He kept it fun, interesting yet informative."
"This day covered a lot. As i said to Dave i would like to bring this course into schools."

Course Details

Daisy UK wish to run this course throughout Merseyside and hopefully roll it out across the UK. Daisy can do a half day course e.g 10am -1pm or a full day course of 10am-4pm. If you feel that your organisation might be interested in helping Daisy UK break down the barriers for a more inclusive and caring society then contact Daisy UK at info@daisyuk.com or phone us on 01512202319.

prices may vary based on individual organisations circumstances. The price for a half day course is £350 and for a full day course that includes lunch is £650.

The next hate crime course will take place on Friday 21st of September at the Daisy UK offices in Tuebrook. The cost is £49 per person. Email or phone to book your place