Sports England Cuts F.A Funding by £1.6 M

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I have had concerns for years regarding theses strategies, but i wish the powers that be would listen to Daisy, 'we need to be around the table'. Out with the old and in with the new.
What is happening to our young people, it is bordering on child neglect as stated by respected Sports Scientists.

Read more about this here

Remember it's the FA Now it could be local authorities next, so lets work together and get it right.

Giving some thought on what has happened today, here is a letter i wrote after attending a Liverpool Community Sport Consultation meeting a few weeks ago.

"We met at the Liverpool Physical Activity Strategy meeting on 6th March. I apologise for the delay in this correspondence, as I have been unbelievably busy delivering physical activity at community sports throughout Liverpool. We have even had a visit from Amir Khan, world champion boxer. We have been working with Sport Relief in the promotion of inclusive sports utilising our Daisy Inclusive UK common sense strategy, from which we have had some great and positive success.

It was truly a pleasure meeting you at the event and I realise the nearly impossible task of bringing everyone together in order to create a successful strategy. I asked many questions at the meeting and I hope many of them were thought provoking. One of my questions at the end was ‘Who put the strategic panel together and under whose authority?’ and ‘ Why aren’t organisations such as Daisy Inclusive UK, who are a representative of disabled people and their families around the city not being invited to the panel?’ I suggest the panel is made up from “experts” who have been creating strategies for the last 30 years and as I said at the meeting the only thing that moves forward in these strategies is the goal posts.

I propose on behalf of the hundreds of disabled people and families, that we serve a more open and transparent approach- out with the old and in with the new after all if they haven’t got it right now after 30 years and millionaires of pounds later what makes us think they will get it right this time. I understand it is imperative to utilise the skills and knowledge of some of the “experts” but it is as important to use the wisdom of other caring and compassionate organisations who may use the knowledge and experience for the greater good and deliver a successful Liverpool Physical Activity Strategy.

If there is any help and support I can give the strategy please let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Kind regards"

Dave Kelly
Daisy Inclusive UK
Managing Director

When will they listen?

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