Daisy Summertastic

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Dais Summertastic

Daisy Summertastic information
This activity club will cost £8 per session, this is to help fund trips, and equipment. if you will be bringing more than 2 children we may be able to offer a group discount to find out more please contact us via email: Info@daisyuk.com or telephone: 0151 220 2319

Due to the lack of after school play provision for 8-13 year olds in the Liverpool area Daisy Inclusive UK have developed a play provision proposal which will offer a broad range of play activities which include inclusive sports, games, music, arts based activities, days out and promote a healthy living mantra. We are seeking to promote healthy eating, reduce obesity and give children the tools to have a healthy and happy life. We aim to raise and help develop a sense of self-esteem and wellbeing within each child no matter what their ability or disability. All these sessions will be fully inclusive and open to all children regardless of disability, ability or diversity. As a charity whose ethos is to break down barriers and promote inclusion for disabled people in society we feel it is important to promote this in our sessions. We feel if you make them Laugh and they Listen, make them Listen and they Learn.
It is important as with the current economic climate and with the lack of investment in young people with cut backs and restructuring of Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Youth Services. There has been a 70% cut back financially for these services which has meant up to 70% streamlining of youth and play provision. It is imperative for the growth and development of our young people that they have access to safe and fun after school play provision. The provision will be delivered by trained, knowledgeable and empathetic facilitators who can offer a structured programme which reaches a high standard and follows all procedures and policies to ensure that the young people of Liverpool have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

This activity club will help keep young people of the streets where they may be susceptible to crime, violence, drugs, alcohol and general anti-social behaviour. A project such as this will give young people a safe and positive environment where they can learn, have fun and socialise. It is important that young people are given the tools to look after and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. We can help do this by offering physical activities and encouraging socialisation and inclusion which will help address positive mental wellbeing.

For any further information please contact us via email: info@daisyuk.com or telephone: 0151 220 2319
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