The Queens Jubilee Celebrations

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On Thursday the 31st of May, the pensioners of Tuebrook came together in the Brockman Hall to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond jubilee. After the usual bingo, there was time for a drink, dance and a bite to eat whilst listening to nostalgic music that made people reminisce back to the good old days. It was a great afternoon thanks to the local police community support officers who helped out with the food and were there to listen to any concerns of the pensioners related to their local community. These community support officers also helped out with the weekly food donation kindly given to us by the Whitechapel centre and Lidl (London road). Every Thursday, Lidl (London road) donates food to Daisy Inclusive UK which distributes this to the disadvantaged local population. We would like to say a big thank you to Lidl for all their support.

Pictures of the event can be found here

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