Disability Confidance Quality Mark

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Equality and Diversity Training

Disability Awareness

It has become apparent in today’s climate of discrimination and perceived lack of equality in the workplace that some hard work needs to be done to address these issues.
It had been highlighted by recent TV and media coverage, the need of more equality and diversity training for organisations that seek to embrace and encompass the full spectrum of people in our society; they must practice what they preach. Organisations from the public and private sector have identified the need for more training in areas such as equality and diversity. These areas may be perceived as racial and homophobic awareness which are indeed very important; but it is also necessary to include disability issues and awareness into our mind set and working environment.

To improve the equality and diversity throughout an organisation, it is imperative to be aware of the needs and legal obligations for disabled employees to enable them to feel relaxed and comfortable in their working environment. If they are treated appropriately with care and understanding at point of contact, they will be more likely to flourish and become a valued member of the workforce. Their experience of employer support must be positive. If they experience bad practice and poor communication with some colleagues/ employers, they may have the right to a grievance procedure against the employer. Therefore, it is imperative that the disability business confidence is put in place and adhered to throughout the organisation from Chief Executive to frontline staff.
Daisy Inclusive UK can offer your organisation point of contact disability awareness training through our Disability Business Confidence kite mark.
Being confident about disability is a positive and productive quality that all businesses/ organisations should embrace on all levels; from the environment, staff, their recruitment and retention to social and moral community responsibilities.

Disability Business Confidence

Daisy Inclusive UK’s team of highly experienced professionals can help piece together key aspects in your business that supports disability business confidence.
Our inspirational and motivational approach is to enhance your business credentials and reputation and demonstrate your organisation’s positive business ethics.

Our expertise ensures your business will benefit from:

  • Participants will gain an understanding of disability issues and positive opportunities for their business.
  • Becoming a dynamic employer and improving workforce productivity.
  • Becoming a better employer and service provider as well as reducing the risk of litigation under the equalities acts (2010).
  • To be part of the £80 billion pound spent by disabled people per year.
  • Daisy Disability Confidence Quality Kite mark

    This kite mark takes a business/ organisation on a journey to assess, examine and proclaim that they are truly confident about disability and thus disabled people can in turn be confident in this business / organisation. This will highlight you can demonstrate best practice and confidence around disability as a distinction between you and your competitors; which is:

    Accessible environment

  • Point of contact
  • All relevant policies and procedures
  • A greater understanding for the needs of disabled employees and customers with care, compassion and empathy apparent throughout the organisation.
  • All organisations that achieve the accreditation receive a certification and plaque and long lasting help and support.
  • To become business confident please contact Dave Kelly, Managing Director on:
    0151 261 0309 or email us at info@daisyuk.com

    Daisy Inclusive UK are proud to offer the - Disability Confidence Quality Mark.

    Be Disability Business Confident - Read More

    The Daisy Inclusive UK Disability Confidence Quality Mark - Gives companies, organisations, educational establishments and business, the confidence they need to help and support potential disabled service users, clients, students, customers and even staff.

    Daisy Inclusive UK's team of professionals will:

  • Assess - Staff and Buildings for accessible environments
  • Train - Your staff at point of contact to help and support
  • Support - your business to ensure all the assessments and training work
  • further development - on going help and advice

  • And most importantly a 'Quality Mark' you can trust.

    For Further details on the 'Disability Confidence Quality Mark' or 'Disability Confident Business' please call us on 0151 261 0309, email us at info@daisyuk.com or use our Contact Form.