Disability Employment Conference

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Disability Employment Conference

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Disability Employment Conference

I was invited to take part in the Liverpool Business Consortium Conference, which was part of the National Disability Employment Conference based in London. Guest speakers included, Prime Minister David Cameron, Ashok Vaswani CEO of Barclays, Sir Andrew Witty CEO of Galxo Smith Kline, Secretary of State for Department for Work and Pensions RT Hon Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Businesses Innovation and Skills RT Hon Dr Vince Cable and Ruby McGregor Smith CEO MITIE. Daisy inclusive UK was one of fifteen businesses invited to take part at the Liverpool conference. We listened to an impressive speech by Prime Minister David Cameron telling us of his own empathy with disability and the importance of employing disabled people and being a productive part of the work force. The other key note speakers were equally impressive, including Liverpool born Minister for Disability Esther McFey. We listened intensely to the London conference but unfortunately the technology was unable to connect us up in order for us to have a part in the discussion. Businesses at the Liverpool conference including manager’s Clive and Sue from Job Centre Plus who chaired the conference had an interesting debate discussing how we can address the problems surrounding disabled people given the opportunities to reach their full potential in the work place.

Steven Yensen manager from Access to Work was one of the most popular people at the conference, as he had access to work funding helping to support to offer all present. Points I highlighted were:
• How many disabled people were actually on more than the minimum wage
• How many disabled people were given the opportunity to reach their true potential into management and beyond
• The importance of bespoke pre-employment training for disabled people building up their key personal skills such as confidence, self-esteem and the acceptance of the disability alongside the educational and employability skills they may require to achieve employment
• To utilise the skills and knowledge of local businesses, relevant businesses and charities to engage and empower true employability and work readiness for disabled people. Ensuring care, compassion and empathy.
• To ensure disability confidence is for both disabled employee and creating an environment and business confidence for the employer
• Liverpool businesses to achieve business disability kite mark and be put onto an accessible and inclusive Liverpool directory
• I feel that is it important for the people around the table at the Liverpool conference grasps the opportunity of what can be done together to help disabled people back to work, and set up a regular steering group meeting. This has been actioner and a disability employer’s confidence forum has been created under the management of DWP and Jobcentreplus and relevant businesses from around Liverpool including Daisy UK, this new initiative is called The Common Bond. The Common Bond aims to utilise the kills, knowledge, care and compassion from all those who are involved in the Common Bond forum to break down the barriers, to enable more disabled people to enter the workplace in a safe, inclusive accessible and for filling employability environment.

I believe that the relevant people at the Liverpool conference listened to what was said and hopefully the point’s mentioned above will be acted upon. On the whole it was a morning well spent, meeting lots of fine people and indeed people who can make a difference.
Unfortunately, the wider conference was mainly lost in the ether of technology; the key note speakers were heard and were professional in what they had to say, so let’s hope they are professional in what they have to do.

Managing Director,
Dave Kelly

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