Volunteer Coordinator Role

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Daisy Inclusive UK is a third sector organisation that relies strongly on committed volunteers to support the delivery of our clubs, events and courses.
For this to successfully happen, we have appointed a volunteer co-ordinator who’s role is to focus solely on the recruitment and retention of the volunteers here at Daisy UK.
The volunteer co-ordinator will also be able to guide the volunteers in the right direction, depending on their personal goals and outcomes, as well as providing support when needed.

With role of volunteer co-ordinator being developed it has relieved some of our management from focusing on volunteer recruitment, training and retention, enabling the management to continue to manage Daisy Inclusive UK on an operational level. Since the development of the role volunteers are more equipped and select to suit specific roles within our organisation and this will also help to retain volunteers.

for further information email: volunteer@daisyuk.com.