Meet some of our current volunteers

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Here at Daisy Inclusive UK we have a range of volunteers, performing different roles and helping to provide many of our services.

Volunteers at Daisy Inclusive UK benefit from plenty of opportunities to; participate, organise and promote events, clubs and activities. Our volunteers also have the ability to interact with all of our fantastic and inspirational service users.
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Meet some of our volunteers

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Name / Picture About Volunteer Role
Karen Seasman

Picture of Karen.

"I have been volunteering at Daisy UK for over 1 year now, I left college to come to Daisy UK as I felt I needed new opportunities, I have started progressing my IT skills and I am now along with another volunteer, setting up a braille club.

Which all of this has helped to built up my confidence and self-esteem, I was born blind, which meant I have never really had a full opportunity to work or build a career.

But with the help and support of Daisy UK I now feel that I have the correct opportunities to help build my experience and career.

I would like to become a disability mentor working with Daisy UK’s services users and young people."

Braille Transcriber
Davey Wall
In this picture you can see Davey learning about the recovery position

In this picture you can see Davey learning about the recovery position

Davey is a wonderful, young, kind hearted individual who has time to spare for anyone.
Davey has been volunteering with us for over a year, after coming to us to participate in clubs and activities. At his time here at Daisy Inclusive UK Davey has flourished into a bright, confidant and talented person, who is always eager to do a bit of stand up comedy.

Listen to our first ever Volunteer Podcast featuring Davey Wall talking to our Technology Officer about why he volunteers for Daisy Inclusive UK.

Download The Volunteer Podcast:
Volunteer Podcast Edition 1 Davey

Club Assistant
Thomas Sweeney

Tom Sweeney with Amir Khan when Amir visited Daisy UK

My name is Thomas Sweeney and I have been a volunteer for a year at daisy however I have attended daisy for 6 years. I came to daisy UK because I had a disability and daisy UK developed me and brought me from isolation to inclusion. Now I am using what daisy helped me with to help others through the medium of sport. Sports Coach
Lauren Harding

Lauren working away at a computer

I started volunteering at Daisy Inclusive UK 3 months ago as I needed a placement that linked in with the course I am studying, which is Health and Social Care.

I chose Daisy Inclusive UK after reading Dave’s story and feeling so inspired by what he does and all the effort and support he puts into the company.
Within my first week of being at Daisy Inclusive UK, I had met all the volunteers and staff and everyone made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My job is to assist with admin support and help with the management of the office daily. I also provide support for other service users and members of staff.

I would like to gain more experience and knowledge for my future career and hope that I will achieve the best of my ability to become a great asset to the team.

Administrative Support, General Office
Keeley Dunne
Keeley stood with our Managing director Dave Kelly
Keeley has been volunteering with us for over 2 years, Keely has a condition called Addison's disease yet she has not let this bother her and she assists in the office and at our clubs.. you can read Keeley's story here. Office & Club Assistant.
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